Robert Bradley

He does that acting thing…


Robert Bradley is a Glaswegian actor working in theatre, film, TV, and voiceover.




The Eyes of The Night / Los Ojos de la Noche - at the Cervantes Theatre

As part of their new season, the Cervantes Theatre staged a rehearsed reading of Paloma Pedrero’s tense, provocative play Los Ojos de la Noche (The Eyes of the Night), directed by the fantastic Simone Coxall and performing opposite the amazing Carolina Herran.

An unexpected encounter between and older woman, who supposedly has triumphed in life, and a young blind man, who she has hired to spend a few hours in a hotel room with, can be the trigger for a new life for both of them.

TV Drama

Robert was filming in London recently for a new TV drama, full details to be published soon.

The six part drama, due to hit screens in 2019, will feature Robert in one episode and will be his first TV role (he’s very excited and will be sharing all the info here once he’s allowed to).



The Bench - now on Amazon Prime

The debut feature film from writer director Mary Mullan is now available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

The bench is a heart-warming drama about six Londoners who cross paths on a park bench. Henry and Willa are good friends but it appears both want something more. Natalie has just moved to London and is constantly writing one way letters to Ed. Tommy simply wants to read his book. Glen and Gemma have been dating for years, is now the right time to propose?

Official Selection for the Stockholm Independent Film Festival and Unrestricted View Film Festival 2017.